Violations can be a big pain, let us be your quick remedy.

Violation Removal

DOB randomly inspects all buildings within New York City, and if your building is found to have violated provisions of applicable laws, you will be given due notice to correct these violations and a proof of correction shall be filed with the DOB in order for the violation to be removed. If unresolved, this can hamper the sale or remortgaging of the said property and depending on the violation can accrue fees and penalties, so it is imperative that such violations be corrected and removed from your property file at the soonest possible time.

Our staff are highly skilled professionals who assist clients in removing violations issued by the DOB, ECB, and other government agencies. Keep your building free from violations and complaints to optimize the value of your property and to ease the issuance of Work Permits and Certificates of Occupancy. We can be your representatives at ECB hearings, prepare necessary documents, file corrections and schedule inspections for any DOB and other agency violations.