30 West End Avenue, Manhattan
Located here is the Abraham Joshua Heschel School, an independent school offering a pluralistic approach to Jewish learning in addition to secular studies.

Working with NYNEX, P Wolfe assisted with the conversion of an existing retail establishment to a parking garage.
37-30 Review Avenue, Queens
A two storey commercial office spaces in Long Island City Industrial Hub. The location is just a few minutes away from Manhattan and Brooklyn right at the heart of Queens.

P.Wolfe was involved in permit procurement for Low Rise - New Buildings and professional certification for buildings 1-7 stories high. Assisted with completion of requirements for application of type II alterations and directive 14 compliance. We also worked on builder’s pavement plans as well as permits and approvals for boiler, fuel burning and fuel storage.
140 West 57 Street, Manhattan
The building was built on a prime location and is 12 stories high with around 73,000 sq.ft of space for rent. It is a medium sized building and is well suited for small to medium size companies not looking for a lot space.

The project was for the conversion of a 12 story facility from its original use as a manufacturing building into a mixed used residential and commercial building and P.Wolfe expertly handled the permit and approvals procurement to achieve just that.
300 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
300 Madison Ave is a 36-floor Office Building in Manhattan's Murray Hill near East 41st Street and Madison Avenue. The building is near Times Square and the Theater district with a full range of shopping as well as dining services.

P.Wolfe was involved in an interior demolition project of around 600,000 sq.ft. with McGraw Hudson Construction Corp.
319 East 74th Street, Manhattan
Conveniently located on the upper east side of New York, this building houses the Cathedral School and Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity as well as a host of apartment spaces.

Scope of work included directive 14 letter of completion and sign off. Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy and preparation and filing necessary documents and tr-1’s for required controlled inspections.
540 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
The building is 39 stories high and is located at Madison Avenue and houses over 30,000 square feet of rentable space. The top floors offers a panoramic view of the Hudson River as well as Central park.

P.Wolfe was instrumental in the procurement of permits and approvals for addition of more commercial spaces including base building renovation and tenant spaces.
1167 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
The building is in a great location on the Upper East Side. It houses a two story restaurant and was well known for its delicious Italian cuisine.

P.Wolfe, together with client Bogdanow Partners, helped facilitate renovation of the restaurant as well as procure permits for Place of Assembly.
1251 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan
Also known as the Exxon Building, it was part of the Rockefeller Center’s expansion serving as its second building across 6th Avenue. The building’s main occupant is the Exxon Oil Company. It stands 54 stories high in midtown Manhattan and continues to serve as commercial office spaces.
P.Wolfe’s involvement with the project was in procurement of Architectural Services acting as agent for the Owner.
5102 Avenue U, Brooklyn
Kings Plaza Shopping Center opened in 1970, located within the Marine Park, east of Flatbush Avenue. It is the largest such shopping center within the borough of Brooklyn.

P.Wolfe working with our client Venator Group assisted in facilitating the setup of their Afterthoughts Accessory Retail Store in the said location.
Bryant Park, Manhattan
Bryant Park Hotel, showcases the design of British architect David Chipperfield, and was an exercise in New York City regulatory and agency approvals. The building was converted from office space into one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

The complete interior and exterior renovation and conversion was monitored at all phases by P. Wolfe Consultants. We guided the complete inspection process, and was present at all onsite inspections by DOB. P. Wolfe was primary coordinator with all contractors, and managed the issuance of all work permits for the project and we will be on-site for any future agency walk-through's, to discuss and handle any problems that might arise.
Rubin Museum of Art, Manhattan
The Rubin Museum of Art is located in New York and is dedicated to collecting, showcasing, as well as preserving the art of the Himalayas and its surrounding regions. The Museum is especially interested in Tibetan art.

P.Wolfe assisted in procuring permits for the conversion of a portion of an old department store into what is now the Rubin Museum.
Stern College, Manhattan
Renovations of First Floor to create new Lobby and Public Assembly Spaces. Addition/Enlargement of 7th Floor over existing Setback Roof for new Study Hall Place of Assembly. Architecture by Michielli + Wyetzner Architects.

Project challenges included Mechanical Deductions and Height & Setback Zoning Reconsiderations. Department of Buildings Approvals, Permits, and Certificate of Occupancy services provided by P Wolfe Consultants, Inc.
Yeshiva University, Manhattan
Yeshiva University now at almost 200 years old is the oldest and the most comprehensive educational institution in America under Jewish auspices. An independent university, it ranks among the nation's leading academic research institutions provides the best quality Jewish and secular education of any Jewish university, not only in the US but globally as well.

P.Wolfe assisted in the permit procurement for the conversion several floors of a 21 stories-Midtown Manhattan from commercial floors to that of an educational facility.
Yeshiva University – Glueck Center, Manhattan
The Glueck Center for Jewish Study, a 60,000 square foot, modern, glass and stone multi-use facility that serves as an intellectual hub for students and faculty. The Glueck Center features a two-story beit midrash (study hall) seating more than 500 people, two state-of-the-art lecture halls featuring stadium-style seating, eleven classrooms, 50 faculty offices, faculty and student lounges and a dean’s suite.

As lead expeditor for the Glueck Center, P. Wolfe obtained all pertinent DOB approvals and permits necessary for construction and was instrumental in the expeditious execution of a TCO, against major obstacles, just in time for the new semester and the opening ceremony.
80 Court Street, Brooklyn
Built in 1910, this low rise building is 3 stories tall and contains 5 apartments. The ground floor is a commercial space usually housing a fast food store.

P.Wolfe was involved in the renovation of One Ranch chicken’s tenant space in this building.
140 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
A retail building where you can find sporting goods like basketballs, tennis gear, baseball gear and other popular sporting equipment. The store also offers sporting apparel and athletic footwear from brands like Nike, Timberland, Reebok, Adidas and others.

Opening their store in Brooklyn, P.Wolfe assisted our client Sneaker Stadium procure all necessary permit and approval to get their retail store up and running here.
11 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
The building built in 1956 is 19 stories high and is located on a prime spot in Lower Fifth Avenue and was formerly occupied by the Brevoort Hotel and was converted into a coop in 1981. It is one of the areas most famous hub spots in the years gone by. Located just a block away from Washington Square Park, it is one of the most livable and dynamic neighborhoods in the city.

Working with Moed, D'Armas & Shannon Architects, P.Wolfe Consultants was mainly involved in the permit procurement for the renovation of a 2-storey penthouse within the building.
11 West 102 Street, Manhattan
A rental mid-rise building situated in the area is commonly known as Upper West Side. Built in 1998, this mid-rise elevator building is 7 stories tall and contains 54 apartments. It is owned by K & L Housing Develop and managed by Daniel Drosin, of Westside Federation for Senior Housing.

P.Wolfe was tasked in handling DOB approval and permit process for the New 54 unit, 7 story residential building. We ensure that all necessary requirements are code compliant and secure approvals on time.
60 Riverside Drive, Manhattan
60 Riverside Boulevard is located on the Upper West Side. Apartments have tall ceilings and large windows that let in ample light. Most residents have Views of Riverside Park & The Hudson River.

Working with Prowler & Carthew Architects, P.Wolfe assisted with the permits for multiple apartment renovations in 20 stories of this building.
130 East 67th Street, Manhattan
One of the purest Italian Renaissance-palazzo style apartment buildings in the city, this building was built in 1908 and was converted to a cooperative come 1959. The building was designed by Charles A. Platt for William J. Taylor, who had developed "studio" apartment buildings on the West Side.

P Wolfe assisted with permits and approvals for the renovation of a two level residence for the office of Peter Rose.
140 West 57 Street, Manhattan
The building was built on a prime location and is 12 stories high with around 73,000 sq.ft of space for rent. It is a medium sized building and is well suited for small to medium size companies not looking for a lot space.

The project was for the conversion of a 12 story facility from its original use as a manufacturing building into a mixed used residential and commercial building and P.Wolfe expertly handled the permit and approvals procurement to achieve just that.
165 East 66 Street, Manhattan
The apartment building is a prime location for anyone wanting to live in the middle of it all, sitting right at the heart of upper east side, one of Manhattan’s desirable neighborhoods. It is but a few steps from premier private and public schools, central park as well as the rest of New York's prime shopping, dining and entertainment portals. The apartment packed in luxury and modern features, it is indeed a home of choice for many.

P.Wolfe was involved in procuring permits and approvals for Alteration Type-II and Directive-14. We also facilitated regular Review and final Signoff plus the directive-14 Letter of Completion.
212 East 57th Street, Manhattan
Standing at 24 stories, the building was erected in 2005 housing around 38 apartments with a good number of them having their own private outdoor space. This prime location is only a hop away from Bloomingdales and just a 5 minute walk to Central Park and is easily accessible through major subway stations.

Various expediter function were satisfactorily performed by P.Wolfe like assistance in BSA approval, Board of Standards. Assisted in the appeals when Alt-I application were denied and sent for reconsideration. We also assisted in getting them an LAA, initial place of assembly permit, letter of completion, removal of elevator violation and provided professional engineering services.
245 7th Avenue, Manhattan
Also known as the Chelsea Atelier, this 12 storey brick building was built in 1912 and is most notable for its very fine, curved cornice. It has 36 apartments and boasts of a full time doorman and concierge service. It is just across a Marriott hotel as well as the Chelsea Mercantile condominiums.

The building was designed by Squires and Wynkoop and was converted into condominiums by our client Macklowe organization 1997, this is where P.Wolfe was instrumental for processing permits necessary for the conversion of this building from manufacturing to mixed residential and commercial use.
246 West 112th Street, Manhattan
New Residential Building with 62 units in 6 stories. The building is located in Harlem.

P.Wolfe handled the DOB approvals and permit processes. We checked for code compliance and ensured timely city approval.
304 Spring Street, Manhattan
This beautiful 11-story Luxury Condominium Building is just a few steps from the Hudson River Park and is located in an emerging portion of SoHo.

Architecture by Zakrzewski & Hyde Architects & SLCE. New Building Approvals, Permits, and Certificate of Occupancy Services provided by P Wolfe.
305 West 50th Street, Manhattan
Located at the heart of midtown Manhattan, this is a modern high-rise concierge building that offers variety of services including a gym, a garage and laundry facilities.

P.Wolfe handled the Building Department approval and permit process. Our in-house team of architects checked for code compliance and ensured timely city approval for the New 294 unit, 25 story residential building.
480 2nd Avenue, Manhattan
Built in 1975, this 28 stories high structure is a concierge apartment building. Located on Kips Bay Manhattan, it belongs to Kips Bay Court Building Complex. The building boasts of an in-complex gym and fitness center for its residents.

P.Wolfe was instrumental in the project’s signoff and Letter of Completion for Directive 14. We also provided architectural services and performed DOB research for existing applications within the DOB and any microfilms on file. We also worked to get their temporary certificate of occupancy at the soonest possible time.
752 West End Avenue, Manhattan
This elegant boutique residential building known as the Paris New York was originally built as a hotel called the Hotel Paris in the 1930’s it now serves a different purpose. Just a few steps from the Riverside Park and the rest of upper West Side, resident’s enjoy the best blend of nature, culture and daily conveniences.

P.Wolfe was involved with work on this property including perform Firestopping Controlled Inspection, provided Architectural Services, and assisted preparing and filing TR-8’s for required Energy code controlled Inspections.
2524 Webb Avenue, Bronx
A low rise building located on the Bronx Kingsbridge Height District. It is a walk up building consisting of 5 floors and 69 units. The building was built in 1924.

In this building P.Wolfe worked with the client to procure equipment use permit and was present at construction inspections and worked to procure the building’s CO.
George T. Douris Tower – Hanac, Inc, Queens
The George T. Douris Tower is a fifteen-story, 184 unit building. It includes an on-site management office and various services for its residents like a library, exercise rooms, community rooms and even a roof garden.

P. Wolfe Consultants, played a vital role navigating the owner, architect and GC through the entire process. P. Wolfe work included Equipment Use Permits, Several Reconsiderations, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Fire Protection Plan, and Builder's Pavement Plan approval/permits and Temporary and Final Certificate of Occupancy issuance.
Mount Carmel Monastery, Brooklyn
Mount Carmel Monastery was converted into a senior housing facility, serving the Brooklyn Park Slope area. The copper-topped tower, visible throughout the area remains, as well as many details such as arched windows and the central cross over the main building.

The project involved a tricky task, the subdivision of tax and zoning lots. The zoning conversion was continuously snagged at the DOB, but P.Wolfe was there at every turn, responding to objections, meeting with the DOB, proposing solutions, and getting the project approved and permitted as necessary.
New Harlem Developments, Manhattan
Harlem is experiencing a new renaissance, new high-quality, boutique developments can be seen here including a new collection of shops and retail stores for its residents. Beautiful architectural enclaves feature townhouses designed by famous firms now abound the area.

P.Wolfe worked with the developer from preliminary design phase through completion. Zoning Maximization Analysis studies, Code Compliance review, Approvals, Permits, and Certificate of Occupancy services provided by P.Wolfe.
The Chesapeake, Manhattan
"The Chesapeake" is located at 345 East 94th Street in New York City, and is a charming addition to the Upper East Sides residential portfolio. Developed by Sidney Fetner Associates, the project is over 220,000 square feet of rental space, in 208 units on over 30 floors.

P.Wolfe obtained the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy while the lobby was still in an unfinished state, allowing critical occupancy despite the lobby's incomplete appearance. To obtain this, P.Wolfe communicated with the DOB Commissioner early on, and obtained a Reconsideration (Commissioner's authorization). We ensured a smooth construction inspection, and a timely TCO.
The Hallmark, Manhattan
The Hallmark Building in Battery Park City is a recently-completed luxury retirement community. With stunning views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline, and the highest quality interiors. Formerly a vacant lot, the design was approved by the Battery Park City Authority and fit in perfectly with BPC Master Plan.

P. Wolfe assisted with all requirements and filings New Building approvals/permit, Builder’s Pavement approval, including acceptance of ‘Distinctive Sidewalk’ agreement, Temporary and Final Certificate of Occupancy issuance was part of P.Wolfe’s portfolio.
205 Front Street, Manhattan
Located at lower Manhattan this building houses several retail stores including Nine West and Easy Spirit.

P.Wolfe scope of work included permit and approval procurement for the renovation of tenant spaces for Nine West and Easy Spirit.
525 Madison Street, Manhattan
A 5-storey low rise commercial building in the midst of Madison Ave. - New York City’s premier shopping destination. The building houses Talbots, a classic clothing store for women and kids including petites and plus sizes.

For this building P.Wolfe worked on the asbestos report as well as professional certification and drawing preparations/surveys for compliance with project completion requirements. Work permits and other approvals was also procured by P.Wolfe including those for sprinklers and fire alarm inspections, directive 14 sign offs and various alterations and General engineering as well as architectural services were provided on hand as well.
595 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
Here is where Coach Leatherware chose to locate their flagship store and as it broadens its product line to make the company a little less heavy into leather.

The redesign and expansion of the flagship store is no easy task but P.Wolfe was there and active in procurement of permits and approvals to ensure that the project will be completed on time.
600 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
Eddie Bauer offers premium-quality clothing, accessories and gear for men and women that complement today's modern outdoor lifestyle. And the store here at 600 Madison Avenue is their second in New York.

P.Wolfe Consultants assisted Eddie Bauer retail store with their interior renovation for this second store.
E*Trade, Manhattan
A stunning design by Studios Architecture of New York, the E*Trade flagship store at 540 Madison is a high-tech wonder. Retail Planning Associates, of Columbus, Ohio, assisted with planning and layout. The space is highlighted by its futuristic workstations and a monumental open convenience stair.

P.Wolfe provided all Building Department approvals, permits, and processed issuance of the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy under strict time limitations. A Reconsideration allowed occupancy of the sales area while construction of a multimedia presentation room was still ongoing. P.Wolfe helped make it happen.
Nine West, Manhattan
Nine West is a fashion wholesale and retail company. Initially founded as a fashion footwear brand, Nine West expanded into much more and delve into bags, accessories, hats, watches and the likes.

When Nine West was expanding its retail operation in New York City, they looked to P.Wolfe Consultants to expedite the regulatory and approval process. At over 10 locations, P.Wolfe was there to ensure the new shops were opened on time and fully to code.