P.Wolfe Consultants as owner’s representative serve as the client’s extension during construction, ready to guide clients throughout the completion of the project. We assist with the planning for construction, from conception to completion, ensuring client interests are protected at all times.
For anyone whose expertise may not lie with the ins and outs of the construction process, P.Wolfe’s expert staff handles all the necessities especially during construction, handling all the hiccups, anticipating concerns and handling them as necessary for the successful completion of construction projects.
P. Wolfe is with the owners every step of the way, handling every project need until the project is completely finished and ready to be occupied. We give our clients the peace of mind, ensuring their projects be completed on time, on budget and completely to their satisfaction.
The Advantages of Having An Owner’s Representative
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So you’ve decided to finally push through with your construction project, you got the necessary funding for it and now off you go to hire the designer so you can move forward with your project, pick out the contractors, ask for proposals and hire out which you think are the best ones and your project team is complete, right? Oh no, not so fast. You’re missing out on perhaps one of the most important members of your team, the owner’s representative.