• Permit procurement service at it’s finest.With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, property owners, architects, engineers, contractors and retailers never have to worry about their required agency approvals, P.Wolfe handles it all.

  • P.Wolfe works with you every step of the way. From design and documents preparation, to construction, to sign-off/completion of the project and beyond, you can rely on our expertise to get you through each step successfully.

  • Save time and money. We know how challenging it can be to deal with government agencies so we have at your convenience well versed project managers to help you get through the regulatory maze with ease and get the project right from the get go.

  • Building violations can be a real hassle.Let us help you remove violations and keep your building free from violations and optimize the value of your property and help ease issuance of work permits and Certificates of Occupancy.

Our Services

P.Wolfe Building Code Zoning Review Services
Building Code and Zoning Review
New York City zoning regulations and requirements are legendary in confusion and complexity. We can help you sort it out. Our team is composed of well trained architects who constantly review the NYC Building Code and can expertly review and advise clients on their projects.
P.Wolfe City Agency Approval Services
City Agencies Approvals
Whatever our clients’ needs, wherever it is, we’ve got it all covered. New buildings, alterations, demolitions, even scaffolding and sidewalk approvals, place of assembly, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, you can trust P.Wolfe to get you to the end quickly.
P.Wolfe Violation Removal Services
Violation Removal
Our staff are highly skilled professionals who assist clients in removing violations issued by the DOB, ECB, and various government agencies. Keep your building free from violations and complaints to optimize the value of your property and to ease the issuance of Work Permits and Certificates of Occupancy.
Owner's Representative Services
Owner's Representative
P.Wolfe Consultants, your premier construction consulting business specialized in building code, zoning and permit procurement services, is happy to announce that we now offer OWNER’S REPRESENTATIVE SERVICES to our esteemed clients.
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Legislation designed to protect migratory birds from injuries or fatalities caused by building collisions, will require certified glass for facades, designed for this purpose.