A construction project is complex and requires various tasks and projects to get completed. Let us help you with all projects including those extra ones as necessary.

Additional Services

A construction project is a complex process filled with big tasks that you simply must comply with and there may also be those small tasks you didn’t imagine, so for those small task you didn’t think was necessary, we are here to assist you get through them. Whether small or big, P.Wolfe is with you every step of the way.

Landmark filings/approvals

If your building is a designated landmark building or if it is in a historic district, there might be special permits and approval required before you can have your DOB work permit approved.

Antenna/Telecom works

If you’re planning to install telecom antennas on rooftops then P.Wolfe can easily handle all the required permits for you to do so. We have worked with various telecom companies doing exactly just that, you can be sure we know our way around and have your permits in hand in no time.


Special permits and approvals are required before you can do any demolition inside or out, so let P.Wolfe take care of them so you can focus on the more important tasks at hand.

Asbestos Testing/Reports

Most construction works all over NYC require asbestos testing and reports. We have a asbestos testing service you can rely on.

Equipment Use

If you are using an HVAC bigger than 3 tons, you need an equipment use permit (EUP) for it. Your project will not be signed off without this necessary permit in order, so don’t forget this critical requirement.

Place of Assembly

New York’s place of assembly regulation is unique and quite tricky. P.Wolfe can advise you right at the design stages and work with you to process the application for approval and handle annual updates with you as necessary.

Sidewalk Opening/Traffic Approvals

Some projects require sidewalk opening permit or there’s equipment on the site that can create a traffic concern, you will need a special permit from the DOT. Let P.Wolfe handle it and our familiarity with DOT’s processes and requirements will surely save you time and money.

Signage Applications and Approvals

Signage approvals has its own set of concerns, P.Wolfe staff are experts on such things. We will work with you to get the work permit as well as review any zoning issues. When the project is complete, we’ll take care of the sign off as well.

Tax-Lot Approvals

Joining or separating lots can be complicated, more so in New York City. We can make things a bit easier for you, allow us to handle all the processing and paperworks for you, so you can rest easy that your tax lot issues will be addressed properly.