About Us

As an owner’s representative, P. Wolfe is tasked to oversee construction projects and ensure that they run smoothly, addressing any issues before it can cause any real concern to the project. Our experts enable clients to focus on their work or business without having to worry about the on-going construction. We represent clients on-site, monitoring their project’s progress, ensuring time frames and schedules are being followed without compromising the quality of service being provided. We are also readily available to assist in monitoring and evaluating project billables to ensure that everything is well according to plan, obstacles are also anticipated and resolved as necessary. Most of all, owners are never caught unaware as they are kept abreast of all project milestones through a thorough periodic reporting.

We use a custom built project management system as well as a perfected method of handling the various demands of a construction project. This assures clients that each process is handled accordingly and the progress of the project is monitored accurately, minimizing snags and reducing construction overruns, ensuring that the project is completed on budget, on time and completely to the client’s satisfaction.